About Us

Genesis Companies has a proven record of excellence in developing, building, and managing various types of commercial properties throughout the U.S.

Each entity is designed to perform exact core functions that individually contribute to the overall strategy and integrated theme of our business. All three business units have specially trained and focused professionals to maintain the day to day operating needs to keep our strategic mission on track

Our Mission

Genesis Companies is determined to be the best facilitator between our customers visions, and the finished product.  Regardless if it is a third party construction project or executing a real estate investment plan.

Through our innovative approach to solutions, we always strive to create maximum value for our customers, investors, employees, and construction partners.

Our Vision

Genesis Companies strives to be a leader in the real estate investment, development, and construction industries.

We will be known by the relationships we build, the clients we keep and the value we provide.

Core Values

  1. We follow through and finish what we commit to.
  2. We work as hard as we need to in order to fulfill # 1.
  3. We put as much effort into building relationships as we do at building real estate.
  4. We strive to treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  5. We encourage an open and honest environment where new ideas are always embraced.